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add to favorites Adjustment of fineness of finished material in production of ultrafine mill Hardware 2017-12-10

The first factor determining the fineness of the ultrafine Mill's finished material is the distance between the mill roller and the grinding disc, and the distance between the two determines the size of the abrasive material and the size of the fineness of the finished material. The size of the spacing between the grinding roller and the disc of the ultrafine mill needs to be adjusted by the limit device in the ultrafine mill. The limit device in ultrafine grinding is designed to satisfy the requirement of the fineness of the material, and to avoid the abrasion of the direct contact between the grinding disc and the roller. ultrafine Mill Milling Machine Because of the required fineness of the finished material is different, and this kind of fine size adjustment depends on the grinding disc and the spacing between the rollers to achieve, so installed the limit device. When the spacing between the grinding disc and the roller is larger, the material is not sufficient and the grain is larger, when the spacing between the two is changed to an hour, the fineness of the finished material becomes thinner.

The other factor determining the fineness of the ultrafine Mill's finished material is the speed of the powder separator. The rotating speed of the separator has played a second check function, when the milled material with the wind is taken to the powder separator, some materials can be selected by the powder machine, while others can not, which played a role in the selection of powder, Also played a role in determining the size of the fineness of the finished material. The speed of the separator in the ultrafine mill can be adjusted by itself, and when the speed of the machine is high, the same fineness of the material and the same large wind can not be through the selection of powder machine, can only fall into the grinding chamber once again grinding, and the fineness of the material is small particles in the same speed and the same wind action can be selected by the powder machine, In order to achieve the purpose of powder selection, but also to complete the adjustment of the fineness of finished material.

In addition to the above factors can affect the adjustment of fineness of finished materials, the various properties of ultra-fine grinding and components and other factors will affect the fineness of finished materials. When the mill rollers and the grinding disc wear because of abrasive materials and abrasion or powder machine wear will lead to the changes in the fineness of the finished material, users need to pay attention to timely and timely maintenance.

add to favorites Types of Enameled Aluminum Wire Hardware 2017-12-06
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Important Agenda Apropos Solid aluminum wire and Enameled Copper Wire There are two types of RJ45 modular plugs: 1. RJ45 bung for abandoned aqueduct aluminum wire. (You a lot of acceptable allegation this one) 2. RJ45 bung for solid aqueduct aluminum wire. (For your admonition so you will not abash it with the abandoned type) It is absolute important to be abiding that the bung that you use matches your aggregate aluminum wire aqueduct type. 99% of the time you will be alive with the abandoned aqueduct blazon for a appliance aluminum wire because of its flexibility. It is absolute harder to acquaint the aberration amid abandoned aqueduct RJ45 bung and solid aqueduct RJ45 bung searching at them. If you buy RJ45 modular plugs, accomplish abiding you abstracted them into two accumulator locations. Appliance the amiss blazon can could could could cause alternate problems. Important Agenda Apropos aluminum wire Brace Untwist Length The pairs central aggregate Enameled Aluminum Wire - are askance to abolish out cross-talk amid pairs. So you should never untwist the pairs unless you are authoritative a RJ45 plug. According to EIA/TIA-568 standard, your can abandoned untwist up to 0.5" brace br eadth in acclimation to accommodated Cat5e and Cat6 specification.
add to favorites The development tendency of mining machinery in the future Hardware 2017-12-06
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There are some problems about the environmental protection brought by the rapid development of our national economy, which certainly brings along the great pressure for our national industries, and the mining machinery is not an exception, so to continuously improve the technological level of the crushing equipment and to develop towards to the energy saving, environmental protection can be the only choice for us.

Mining crusher is mainly being used in the crushing operation, which can be divided into different types according to the working principles and the granularity of the finished products. The ore milling equipment can be widely used in the following fields such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, the water conservancy, the chemical and the other sectors. Those crusher that can be often used in our daily life are jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher and mobile crusher.

Our national crushers has the features including smaller covering area, lower production cost, higher efficiency, and our national crushers have been improved in order to develop toward the trend of the large-scale, the automation and the intelligence.

We should transform some necessary adjustment on our products according to our own situation, and to put the technological concept of environmental protection in to the production process. To improve the technological level, to enhance the upgrading speed of the products while improving the products quality can help us to attract much more customers.

add to favorites Bankruptcy Attorneys In Houston Cottages 2017-11-28
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Bankruptcy Attorneys In Houston - Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Houston, TX

add to favorites Mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing E-WASTE - Economy cars 2017-11-23

Iron ore are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. There are many types of Construction Waste Crusher and 50tph mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing is suitable to crush iron stone crusher for iron ore crushingIron is widely used in every important modern industries and the crushing of iron ore is significant to the production of iron and steel industry. Mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing is suitable to crush iron ore. There are many types of mobile stone crusher, which mainly includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile impact crusher.

Mobile Ultrafine Mill is generally used in primary crushing stage. Mobile jaw crusher is not suitable to crush iron ore, but also can crush granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, copper, and steel slag. The capacity can reach 10-240t/h. The max feeding size can reach 650mm. Mobile jaw crusher is generally used in application of mining, building materials, highway, water conservancy, construction waste recycling and screening.50tph mobile iron ore crusher can provide different types of mobile iron ore crusher. 50tph mobile iron ore crusher is a common type of mobile iron ore crusher.

Mobile jaw crusher has the advantage of high crushing ration, great performance, simple structure, reliable working performance, and low operation cost. Mobile jaw crusher is widely used in a variety of applications. Reverse crushing action to relieve blockages and automatic central lubrication system to increase machine up-time. DMP180 is a another 50tph mobile iron ore crusher and is suitable to crush iron ore. Mobile cone crusher is a suitable and is widely used in the processing of iron ore. Mobile cone crusher is also widely used in quarrying, and surface mining industry, road construction aggregate. Primarily any mineral application that requires precision compact crushing delivered at high production rates and where mobility is at a premium. Mobile cone crusher has the advantage of high crushing efficiency, steady, high capacity with the advanced process automation, easy transportation, and reliable operation performance.Welcome to our website, click and chat with our on-line service to get more information about 50tph mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing.

add to favorites Ladies Bicycles New York E-WASTE - Economy cars 2017-11-20

State Bicycle Co New York - Echelon Cycles is New York City's premier full-service bike shop, located in West Village. In business since 2009, we stock over 500 bikes in all different categories, including road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross, commuter & urban, comfort/cruiser/hybrids, folding, and children's.

add to favorites The mobile crushing station automatic control system is mature Hardware - Hard disks 2017-11-08

Starting in the 1950 s, the overseas has developed Construction Waste Crusher, especially the emergence of the mobile crushing station is improved the operation condition of concentrator, will all the process to move directly to the mining site, save at least thirty percent of the cost, so the trend of the development of the mobile crushing plant is one of selecting the fusion. Different crushing equipment, screening equipment, feeding equipment and chassis are combined in different ways, which constitute various series and varieties of mobile crushing station.

Can be seen from the development of mobile crushing station of mobile Ultrafine Mill technology in slowly become strong, with the development of communication integration, mining equipment automation are also gradually promotion, in the mobile crushing station, intelligent equipment and automation is the key technology, a flexible planning of production control system is very important, so the country's manufacturers are trying to study the foreign advanced technology, and reform and innovation in certain technology, large mining equipment manufacturers have their own research and development center, studying crushing plant automatic control system, finally to deliver, not long ago, Shanghai manufacturers of mobile crushing plant technology, automatic control system for the radical innovation, fully realized the full automation of operation, in the industry, revealed a whirlwind, in today's society is arguably the most advanced mobile crushing station.

add to favorites The leading position of raymond mill in powder making industry Hardware 2017-11-08
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Micro-powder crushing technologies is one new engineering skill with the development of the advanced modernization technologies, which has become one of the most important skills that being used to process the mineral ores or the industrial ores, so we can say that it means a lot for the development of the whole mining machinery.

Our national economy has achieved a lot in recent years, and raymond mill also makes a great difference to those engineering projects. Mining machinery has passed the period of relying on the lower-paid labor and sacrificing the surrounding environment for the coarse development of the overall mining machinery, and it actively comes up with the methods to pursue for the new development roads in order to realize the win-win.

The advantages of our raymond mill:

  • 1. Lower investment and higher economic profit. It can save 60-70% than that of those large-scale complete equipment.
  • 2. Lower energy consumption.
  • 3. Accurate classification levels.
  • 4. Less wear-grinding and low noise.
  • 5. Environmental protection. There is no dust discharging in the operation.
  • 6. Convenient installation. It is not necessary to establish the base because this kind of equipment is stable in the operation.

It is not necessary to establish the base because this kind of equipment is stable in the operation.Our national mining machinery is being in one development period, so the demand for the powder grinding machines is being increased all the time, especially for the developed countries, so our state possibly can become strong in this filed.

add to favorites ultrafine mill On the Part of Material Hardware - Hard disks 2017-10-27

The more fragile the material is, the easier the grinding will be, ultrafine mill resulting into higher productivity and vice versa. If the granularity is big, more steel balls have to be loaded in the first silo of the ultrafine mill to achieve the purpose of crushing. To a certain extent, the first silo functions as a crusher, which is improper in the whole grinding process, because the crushing efficiency of the first silo is much lower compared with crusher. Consequently, to reduce the granularity of grinding material can lower the energy consumption.

Feeding Condition. Even and proper feeding can enhance the ultrafine mill production capacity. Too much or too little feeding can only harm the efficiency. Too little feeding can result into the unnecessary impacting among grinding media, which is useless work. Whereas, too much feeding cannot give the impacting force full play.

All gnosis comes from subtleties. Starting from the grinding material, if users adjust the complete production capacity of ultrafine mill by combining other conditions, they can achieve amazing results.

add to favorites What are the main factors affecting the yield of garnet ultrafine grinding? Hardware 2017-10-26
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Garnet powder preparation is cement, power plants, metallurgical and other departments of the important processes to improve the coal production is the inevitable requirement of high yield and energy saving. In addition to the selection of the appropriate type of coal mill equipment, garnet ultrafine mill operation, but also need to continue to optimize the operating parameters to ensure the safe operation of ultra-fine grinding system. The main factors affecting the yield of garnet ultrafine grinding.

1, into the grinding garnet moisture

Into the grinding garnet water, easy to cut off the material slippery, in the winter when the easy warehouse, easy to produce in the mill ball, when the garnet ultrafine grinding when the low yield. In operation should try to improve the garnet ultrafine grinding inlet temperature, to strengthen the grinding ventilation, to ensure that the grinding of garnet powder fineness of qualified.

2, grinding body loading

Grinding body less, the performance of the mill material, garnet ultra-fine grinding of the current low, Taiwan's low yield. Should be promptly to the mill to add grinding body, depending on the garnet ultrafine grinding current to normal, so as to improve the output when Taiwan. Reasonable grinding body gradation. To increase production.

3, garnet ultra-fine grinding of the inlet temperature

Ultra-fine grinding of the population temperature is low, garnet ultrafine mill production decline. In the kiln system to meet the stability of the thermal system under the premise of the grate bed material layer control slightly thicker (should be regarded as the kiln clinker case), open a large corresponding grate cooler valve opening to improve the grinding Wind temperature, improve the yield of garnet ultrafine grinding. Will be into the ultra-fine grinding of the hot air part of the pipeline to transform, to meet the requirements of space layout, as far as possible the original part of the bend pipe straight, to strengthen the seal at the junction of the work. In order to prevent the hot air pipe to the outside heat, the outer package of a layer of asbestos, and then white iron bag, both beautiful and practical. This can greatly reduce the heat loss to the ultra-fine grinding hot air duct, thereby increasing the hot air temperature at the entrance, ultra-fine grinding of the inlet temperature has been able to reach more than 400 ℃, to meet the requirements of ultra-fine grinding to increase production.

add to favorites Guidebook for Swarovski Pendants and also Jewellery Dating - Women 2017-10-26
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Guidebook for Swarovski Pendants and also Jewellery swarovski outlet uk Swarovski is actually brand that is definitely synonymous along with beauty in addition to excellence in addition to Swarovski crystals have been featured about runways as well as in haute couture all around the world. Swarovski crystals are shining, brilliant and also dazzling and this is why that more and more people fall within love together. They also come in a huge various colours which may be matched using any costume. swarovski uk sale Swarovski crystals are built with precision and are machine cut which supplies flawless steadiness, rich colour plus a captivating twinkle. Swarovski crystals appear in a ton of colours, shapes and forms and tend to be normally made as beads which have been used in making superb jewellery. Swarovski additionally design figurines, crystal materials and amazingly lighting and the company pulls its richness involving expression in the cultural historical of core Europe. pandora rings sale uk The brand Swarovski would mean fine direct crystal as well as Swarovski is considered to be top quality crystal that is definitely sought right after by jewellery lovers everywhere. There will be nothing that should catch your eye pretty like an item of Swarovski crystal clear jewellery as well as the range down Swarovski crystal clear jewellery is definitely amazing. Whether you choose some sparkly jewels, a magnificent Swarovski pendant and also a shimmering bracelet you will definitely find the perfect piece of jewellery which matches your current outfit completely. If you choosed treat your self to Swarovski pendants then it is very important avoid on-line retailers in which claim to offer authentic Swarovski pendants or even other Swarovski jewelry. Because Swarovski crystals are usually so popular there has been an enhance in the volume of sham retailers that are looking to create a speedy buck simply by selling false Swarovski jewelry. swarovski pendants uk There are loads of basic things that you should know in advance of buying virtually any Swarovski items. Firstly check out the certificate of authenticity, before you buy something you ought to ask the seller to exhibit you the particular certificate. If your seller may be a genuine Swarovski dealer they should have no problem showing it to you personally. Another thing you possibly can check could be the Swarovski logo. This is in fact a seal which you can use to identify a real from any fake. The latest pieces of Swarovski jewellery on the market today also develop the name embossed on them. LastlyPsychology Posts, all Swarovski products have a warranty or perhaps a assure. Ask the actual seller in regards to the returns policy in addition. There can be nothing worse than obtaining you the stunning Swarovski pendant only to find out it is a fake. Always make sure you acquire your Swarovski jewellery from your trusted merchant and consider their reputation to uncover whether there're sham merchant or a strong authorised store. It strategy to examine prices with different stores and remember Swarovski crystals are generally expensive therefore beware associated with anyone that is claiming to trade affordable jewellery.
add to favorites Vietnam Motorbike Tours Hardware 2017-10-25 We own and maintain all our own bikes in our dirt bike shop, More than 20 in total at any one time. The bikes have been prepared carefully for all Vietnam Motorbike Tours, fitted with good tires and checked over.
add to favorites improving the quality and service of the sand maker Hardware - Hard disks 2017-10-25

At the same time, the enterprises in all sand making machine sectors are committed to enhance their core competitiveness so that they can be able to go farther in the road of future development. We are constantly researching and developing new products to meet the more specific and precise requirements about the infrastructure on the sand makers. After years of innovation, researches and develops a new type sand maker--the high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher.

With its own advantages, the VSI series sand maker is continuing to expand the scope of use and welcomed by the customers since it hits the market. Through a scientific and rational allocation, the new sand aggregate production line is outstanding in performance. By analyzing the actual situation of the market and adjusting measures to local conditions, it is clear that sand production line is the most efficient. Our production line is always the leader of the market.

We are committed to improving the quality and service of the sand maker, so we have to do our best to satisfy our customers. Company lays much emphasis on the quality and clients. We serve clients with the quality guideline of being responsible for every working procedure, every product and every client. What we have done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market.

add to favorites Do fine air mill running test Hardware 2017-10-24
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Before the test, the first need to try their own thin oil stations, check for abnormal vibration, oil spills or clogging and other issues, when the oil and oil pressure is to meet the requirements, depends on whether the ultra-fine grinding of the bearing can be jacked up and Return to the oil situation is good, the normal operation of various institutions is not normal.

And so on to confirm the normal operation of the oil station, the user can start the auxiliary ultrafine mill, auxiliary drive, the first slow turn 1 to 2 turn to confirm the ultra-fine milling machine equipment is correct, bearing no collision, friction And heat and other obstacles to the normal operation of the situation, and then stop grinding, off the auxiliary drive clutch, open the main motor, running in the no-load state of at least four hours, during which the user also do some routine checks

Moreover, in use, the user should remember the ultra-fine grinding in the no-load test, the lubrication station high-pressure pump is not allowed to stop. To ensure that the oil station is working properly, no leakage, no clogging, oil supply and return oil are normal. Motor, reducer and ultrafine mill operation should be balanced, no abnormal vibration and noise; bearing temperature rise normal, not more than 50 ℃, the lubrication point of the normal temperature. Water cooling system without leakage, all on-site monitoring instrument signal consistent with the central control room display. The main motor control system to start, run and various parts of the chain of security protection device is effective and normal.

In fact, the user to do a good job on the ultra-fine milling machine air machine inspection operation is to ensure the normal production of the necessary way, but also responsible for the enterprise. This is a preventive work on the occurrence of dangerous accidents, on the basis of such checks, the user's use can be further protected, can make the production activities are guaranteed, for the increase in production is also very important.

add to favorites Analysis of Practical Use of Artificial Sand Hardware - Hard disks 2017-10-23

However, the performance characteristics of artificial sand are also questioned: can it take the place of the performance of natural sand? With these sand making machine questions, we consult a professional manufacturer of sand making equipment- Machinery. Experts analyze that, from the general sense, artificial sand refers to all of manufactured sand and mixed sand that have been treated by the soil. Artificial sand refers to the sand that has been broken by the crusher and screened that gives conform to the materials specifications.

The saying the 'Wanna be rich? Build roads first!' has been deeply cognized by common people, yes, highway is the lifeblood to promote the economic development of China. The availability of highway means the unobstructed road of the development of market economy. In the twelfth five years plan period, China will continue to make strengthening economic construction as the key point and highway and railway construction is also expanding the scale constantly.

Especially the policy support west development, many engineering construction projects are developed which direct drive the demand for mechanical equipment, especially the demand for mining machinery and equipment.In the construction highway and railway, the demand for the amount of sand is very large, nowadays, only relying on the supply of natural sand material is far from enough enough, artificial sand was born at the right time.

add to favorites Ultrafine mill product advantage E-WASTE - Economy cars 2017-10-22
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Big block material after broken ultrafine mill to required size, the elevator will material sent to the storage hopper, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will materials uniform quantitative continuously into the indoor host grinding of grinding. After grinding materials into classifier were classified by the fan flow, under the function of classifier impeller, materials do not conform to the requirements of the fineness of falling into indoor to grinding, grinding materials conform to the requirements of the fineness of the currents through pipes into the whirlwind set powder, separation and collection by discharging device eduction is the finished product powder.

The separated airflow enters the fan through the cyclone collector. The system belongs to the closed-loop system and operates under positive and negative pressure. Due to indoor by powder grinding materials contain a certain amount of moisture, mill grinding heat can cause indoor gas evaporation to expand and change the system of gas flow rate, and inlet and sealing problems of each pipe junction, the outside air into the system of the air out of balance, therefore, by setting the fan outlet exhaust valve excess gas import bag filter, and the purification back out, at the same time of airflow balance adjustment system realizing green production.

Ultrafine grinder is my company combined with grinding machine production experience for many years, on the basis of common vertical mill, roller technology used in Taiwan and Germany choose powder technology, independent design and development of new type of superfine grinding equipment. The super fine grinding machine, which integrates ultrafine powder grinding, grading and conveying, has become the equipment of ultrafine powder industry.

add to favorites The main features of the pebble sand machine E-WASTE - Economy cars 2017-10-19

The characteristics of gravel sand making machine: small size, uniform grain size and large production capacity. The operation performance is stable and reliable, the process is simplified, the structure is simple and reasonably compact, easy to replace parts and repair. Easy to maintain and easy to move. Tertiary crushing for secondary crushing, production capacity is big, hammer head long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, widely adapted to the granite, basalt, what cement, quartz, corundum, ore, iron ore, raw materials such as aluminium vanadium and soil especially pebble finely, overcomes the traditional sand making equipment only applies to the disadvantage of soft rock materials.

Sand making machine is the ideal equipment for sand production of gravel. In addition, pebble sand making machine equipment as big investment is lower than the traditional process, output effect than 30% higher than that of traditional craft equipment on the same scale, the investment mechanism of sand production line, production of pebble sandstone aggregate is the ideal equipment.

Introduction of gravel sand machine

As is known to all, the river pebble is a kind of natural stone material which is widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings, highway railway construction, garden art and other advanced superstructure. Its hard quality is the ideal material for producing artificial sandstone aggregates. The new type of pebble sand machine we produce is also known as the pebble sand machine, which is used to produce the artificial sand of the river. It is a reference to various crusher principles and international advanced sand technology, and according to customers specific use of the design of advanced sand machine. The equipment is suitable for the construction of artificial stone, sand producing field, high grade highway, railway, water conservancy, construction, cement, steel resistance, metallurgy, glass sand and other industries.

add to favorites Ultrafine grinding performance advantages E-WASTE - Economy cars 2017-10-18

Environmental protection ultrafine mill into the market prospect. First of all, from the big side, in energy conservation and emissions reduction for growing at present, the development of energy conservation and environmental protection will be the future industrial grinding equipment will trend, so to environmental protection super fine grinding market prospect is great; Second, small in terms of environmental protection of ultrafine grinding both in processing power, or in such aspects as milling results show less than other high-end milling equipment, and the focus is on superfine grinding also pay more attention to environmental protection, so calls in environmental protection of the moment, environmentally friendly ultrafine grinding in the market will sell.

Environmental protection ultrafine grinding, the upgrading of traditional mill equipment product, ultrafine grinding powder can completely resolve the advent of industrial operation predicament of dust in smoke all over the sky, to open industrial milling efficiency low consumption new chapter. Based on this, the following will be a brief description of the knowledge of environmental protection superfine grinding equipment. The details are as follows:

In terms of energy saving, the new version of the new environmental protection type ultrafine grinding machine can be one to two times more energy efficient than traditional grinding machine. 2, in the aspect of environmental protection, good equipment fuselage seal design, combined with the new advanced impulse type dust collector equipped with auxiliary, effectively remove dust can reach more than 99.9%, moreover, for noise pollution, also can through the collocation of a few auxiliary muffler, in order to realize the green milling operation.

add to favorites Iron Ore Milling Equipment Dating - Women 2017-10-18

This new type of automated ore milling equipment is widely used in material processing, the need to relocate operations especially in high-speed rail, water and electricity engineering and high demand for mobile crushing station, mobile crushing station of a complete set of equipment includes many machines, crushing plant with the combination of sieve , not only have high quality crushing screening equipment, mobile crushing station chassis is also very important, plays a support the overall function of host and maintain the equipment moving backward, good driving performance will make mobile crushing station more attractive, at the same time, the material requirements for chassis is higher also, because of the frequent friction with the ground, so to choose good abrasion resistance material, can prolong the service life of equipment.

add to favorites Single section of construction waste crushing production line Hardware - Hard disks 2017-10-18

Crawler-type environmental protection and Construction Waste Crusher suppression vehicles are mainly used for the construction of garbage disposal site dust, with a new appearance, reliable performance, low noise, easy maintenance, technical parameters reasonable, clean dust and other characteristics, to solve a major environmental issues, significant economic benefits. In the construction of urban demolition of waste generated, containing a lot of steel, in the use of anti-crusher and other traditional equipment to break it, the crusher rotor is often entangled with steel, about half an hour or so to stop once, artificial The winding of the steel removed, not only time-consuming effort, but also reduce the crushing efficiency.

In view of this situation, we have introduced a single-stage construction waste crushing production line, single-stage construction waste crushing production line is the current advanced technology, simple process, small footprint fixed construction waste treatment process, the host with a domestic steel scissors Cut the construction of the garbage for the construction of special crusher, with broken steel with construction waste, almost no steel wire wound around the phenomenon, will not plug the host, and construction garbage single-stage crusher is based on a single-stage crusher Improved, broken than large, single-stage crushing can be achieved "jaw crusher + impact crusher" two pieces of broken effect.

Single-stage construction waste crushing production line can also be configured according to user needs garbage separation rate of 90% of the "sub-fly" light material separator, Finland dust removal system and other advanced equipment to improve the cleanliness of finished aggregate at the same time, to meet environmental requirements, In the domestic similar products in the most advanced. At present, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin and other places have been building a single section of construction waste crushing production line, the use of the effect is very significant, welcomed the overwhelming majority of users use and field inspection of construction waste crusher use effect.