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Created 2017-09-01
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Title Maintenance and maintenance of mobile crushing station equipment
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In large-scale coal preparation Ore Milling Equipment, if you need to use the operation when the cone crusher and jaw crusher and other crushing equipment, this time will generally be equipped with a forced lubrication system. When the crushing station is running, the operator will need to watch the oil, oil temperature and oil pressure changes in order to make timely adjustments. At the same time, the user concerned about the mobile crushing station when the price should pay attention to the equipment noise and vibration is normal, once the abnormal will stop processing, to be good after the maintenance of equipment. Mobile crushing station offer as a whole is quite reasonable, for the operator, the equipment is running, in addition to pay attention to the above points, but also pay attention to observe the finished product from time to time the yield and quality of good or bad , Once found to be biased in time to shut down for maintenance. Usually for the coal preparation mobile crushing station but also regular and minor repair, repair and overhaul, the timely replacement of vulnerable parts to ensure the normal production.

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Coal preparation Ore Milling Equipment is the most widely used in the crushing station, in the modern production plays an irreplaceable role. However, in the specific production process, due to various reasons there will be a variety of failures, which requires all the operators in a timely manner to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, the timely repair of vulnerable parts or completely more slippery. Only these maintenance done, the user after the purchase of mobile crushing station to ensure safe production, efficient production. Mobile crushing station drawings which include a variety of related equipment, and these equipment in the production of raw materials for the time are certain requirements. First of all the properties of raw materials inside, the most important is its hardness, water content and gradation, such as mobile crushing station parameters. If the hardness of raw materials is larger, generally choose cone crusher, jaw crusher as a primary crushing equipment; if the hardness of raw materials is small, the general use of counterattack crusher.

Raymond Mill for the raw materials are certain requirements, followed by mobile crushing station which we can also find the quality of finished products is also very high quality requirements. Finished product quality, including the size of the uniform, shape, gradation, etc., of course, in different production requirements for the finished product is a certain difference. If the required size of the finished product in the mobile crushing station is small, the crushing of the screening equipment is much larger than that of the finished product, and the more granular the finished product will be.

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