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Created 2017-10-18
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Title Iron Ore Milling Equipment
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This new type of automated ore milling equipment is widely used in material processing, the need to relocate operations especially in high-speed rail, water and electricity engineering and high demand for mobile crushing station, mobile crushing station of a complete set of equipment includes many machines, crushing plant with the combination of sieve , not only have high quality crushing screening equipment, mobile crushing station chassis is also very important, plays a support the overall function of host and maintain the equipment moving backward, good driving performance will make mobile crushing station more attractive, at the same time, the material requirements for chassis is higher also, because of the frequent friction with the ground, so to choose good abrasion resistance material, can prolong the service life of equipment.

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Therefore, perfection of ore milling equipment is not just rely on technology innovation, the use of material is also more demanding, but the technology is the main core part of the equipment, so far, China mobile crushing station technology mature degree or higher, in some ways, even more than the international advanced level, and some manufacturers claim is stepping up efforts to develop new generation of mobile crushing station, let whole industry remains to be seen more innovative, believe that the future development of China mobile crushing station will be better and better.

For coarse-grained or dense iron ore, high concentration flotation method is generally used to reduce the sedimentation rate of particles and reduce the deposition of ore particles. In order to adapt to this special win, the design should use high energy density of the mechanical stirring flotation machine. High-energy flotation machine not only feed pulp speed, stirring strong, easy to restart after the shutdown. In the flotation process is easy to produce viscous foam ore should be used to inflate the larger flotation machine. The main job is to improve the quality of the concentrate 'flotation foam layer should be thin for the better separation of gangue to create favorable conditions, do not need a larger inflatable flotation machine. Therefore, the flotation machine for the selected job and the flotation machine of the rough tinea sowing should be differentiated.

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