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Created 2017-10-22
Owner kuangshanposui
Title Ultrafine mill product advantage

Big block material after broken ultrafine mill to required size, the elevator will material sent to the storage hopper, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will materials uniform quantitative continuously into the indoor host grinding of grinding. After grinding materials into classifier were classified by the fan flow, under the function of classifier impeller, materials do not conform to the requirements of the fineness of falling into indoor to grinding, grinding materials conform to the requirements of the fineness of the currents through pipes into the whirlwind set powder, separation and collection by discharging device eduction is the finished product powder.

The separated airflow enters the fan through the cyclone collector. The system belongs to the closed-loop system and operates under positive and negative pressure. Due to indoor by powder grinding materials contain a certain amount of moisture, mill grinding heat can cause indoor gas evaporation to expand and change the system of gas flow rate, and inlet and sealing problems of each pipe junction, the outside air into the system of the air out of balance, therefore, by setting the fan outlet exhaust valve excess gas import bag filter, and the purification back out, at the same time of airflow balance adjustment system realizing green production.

Ultrafine grinder is my company combined with grinding machine production experience for many years, on the basis of common vertical mill, roller technology used in Taiwan and Germany choose powder technology, independent design and development of new type of superfine grinding equipment. The super fine grinding machine, which integrates ultrafine powder grinding, grading and conveying, has become the equipment of ultrafine powder industry.

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